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Match Report: Diamond FA1 0-6 Diamond FA2

Tue, 2016-11-22 19:22 -- Uche Insonet

MCL Cup came to rest as Diamond FA2 beat DiamondFA1 6-0 making Diamond Football Academy the First Team to lift MCL Cup in history. The match was indeed a tight one for the Diamond FA1 having a colapse midfield to contest with Adebayor, Gideon and Chima D' Magic man. It was an interesting game for all who where present to witness this great event.

Match Report: Diamond FA 3-0 Golden Boots Fc

Tue, 2016-11-15 11:15 -- Uche Insonet

Diamond Football Academy Hits the Golden Boots FC once again with goals having beaten them last by the Diamond FA team2 6-0 in the group stage.The Diamonds has an easy win in they match especially after having Francis Nweke hit the bar in the penalty kick just few minutes from kick off. Johaness Enebeli gave Diamonds an early lead with Francis Nweke finally finding the back of the net after much hard luck to convert the balls to goals. Francis and Johaness Enebeli have been superb throughout the Tournament with them almost scoring in every match the played.

Match Report: Diamond FA 2-0 Frangrance FC

Thu, 2016-11-10 11:45 -- Uche Insonet

Match Day 5 at Government College Football Arena posing with attraction as the cup tournament is being held to mark the first of its kind in Umuahia with dignitries as quests to the occation.Diamond FA entertains Frangrance FC in their last group stage match of the MCL cup. It was a match to watch as many were anticipating and in view to see how many goals Diamond Fa will use and bury the Frangrance FC team. After kick off by Mr. Ikwunze Mr. Football the match went live.

Match Report: Diamond FA 2- 1 Okowonders FC

Thu, 2016-11-10 11:23 -- Uche Insonet

MCL match Day 5b came with different action as Diamond Football Academy faces Okowonders FC of Umuahia, it is indeed a match with less expectations that turned out to be match of the day. Diamond FA 2 is having a good and easy competition especially after drowning the Golden Boots FC 6 nil in their last group stage match, quaoting from one of the player of Golden Boots FC who said he was happy and delighted when he was being substituted out of the match because he was too tired and can barely feel his legs for he has been in pursuit since the kick off of the ball.

Match Report: Diamond FA 6-0 Golden Boots

Tue, 2016-11-08 20:40 -- Uche Insonet

Diamond Football Academy in Group B is making lots of roar with their sensational demolishing of the Golden Boots FC. In their second game of the the Match day 4 the diamonds has been fantastic through out since their outing in the group B having had a draw by Diamond FA team 2 in group A, the Diamond FA team 1 has shown lots of tenacity in their game creating much fear in the eyes of thier opponents for the force the project is unstoppable.

Match Report: New Gen. FA 1-1 Diamond FA

Tue, 2016-11-08 20:08 -- Uche Insonet

Match day 4 in the MCL Cup as Diamond Football Academy entertains New Generation Football Academy of Umuahia a popular side when it comes to grass-root academy in Umuahia. It was an early kick off with expectations from both sides of the spectators and fans. The match was indeed a locked game for both teams as the game was hostile creating speculations from the very beginning of the game till the end.

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