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DiamondFA demolishes Allstars of Umuahia with 5 goals to nil

Sat, 2016-10-08 13:21 -- Uche Insonet

It was an expected result gotten from Government Football Arena in Umuahia at the training home ground of Diamond Football Academy playing against Allstars of Umuahia comprising mainly of talented football players with few professional players to help boost their side especially from Abia Warriors Ex players and Abia Comet FC players. The match result as said earlier was an expected result of which Mr. Peter Nnolum said that he was not comfortable with the result because he expected quite a festival of goals action.

FCMB Partners With Diamond Football Academy

Tue, 2016-09-27 07:27 -- Uche Insonet

It was an interesting day for the young lads as they had a close chat with the Academy's President I.M Apugo after training with them. He shared his taught about the welfare of the players ensuring them that all they need is to continue putting their heads down, praying to God always that success is definitely on their gates to embrace them. He nailed strongly on team spirit and love which is the key note to success and unity among one another.

New week for the diamonds

Mon, 2016-09-26 08:43 -- Uche Insonet

Is indeed a lovely week for the diamond football academy here in Umuahia as training it being resumed, players anticipating for more, technical crew bringing in more A game, spectators always there to cheer and see how lives are being changed, some sick now strong, some smiles now a laughter face. Much is expected as we sail into this month's last month while the poll for the Best Academy Player of the month is on the increase with player like David leading the poll, let's see if it stays that way till end of the year.
Now we stand akimbo and watch it all out.

Group B came out dancing with 7 points at the end

Wed, 2016-09-21 19:07 -- Uche Insonet

It is indeed a turning point for Group B squad as crawled to the top with a point difference to secure a winning spot at the end of the 2nd leg matches. Group B stole another 3 points today and a draw to keep them soaring high over-taking the leading Group A while leaving Group C sinking down at the bottom of the points.

Eliminating the flaws of a typical Nigerian- African Player

Wed, 2016-09-21 19:03 -- Uche Insonet

After the 2nd leg between the three 11-A-Side which started yesterday came to end today with honors to several players credits. The Technical Director Peter Nnolum spoke to the players about their performance by first congratulating the effort in playing out their heart showing lots of passion for the game and willingness to improve.

Group A Hits 6 points as Group B Sinks Group C with 3 goals to nil

Tue, 2016-09-20 17:50 -- Uche Insonet

Group A came out today with their heads high as the beat both groups to emerge with 6 points, the Group did beat both groups in penalty shootout with players like Francis Nweke, Nelson Orji, Stanley Kanu who lead the forward among others. It was an intense game throughout the match between the Groups, Group B came close several times but was unlucky to see the back of the net. It is observed that the pairing of Stanley Kanu and Francis Nweke is indeed a golden pair as they both were tremendously hilarious.

Diamond Three 11-A- Side Match Kicks Off Today

Tue, 2016-09-20 17:14 -- Uche Insonet

Diamond Football Academy Umuahia kicks off her in house three 11-A-side match training having three groups termed Group A, Group B and Group C which will also end tomorrow to wrap us the exercise. The team captain Francis Nweke Chukwuemeka chose Group A , the Assistant Team Captain David Isah chose Group B having Amadi Polycarp who was the captain that led the then squad to victory at Iber cup 2013 chose Group C.

Kelechi Nwakali on loan to MVV Maastricht from Arsenal

Sun, 2016-09-11 21:53 -- Uche Insonet

Arsenal send Kelechi Nwakali on season-long loan to MVV Maastricht Our graduated player from the Academy and captain of the Nigeria U-17 squad which won the Most Valuable Player MVP and World Cup in Chile is in Dutch Second Divison side MVV Maastricht on a loan contract. He is among the Arsenal players such as Jack Wilshere out on loan to Bournemouth on deadline day.

Ten Things You Need To Know About Iroha Chukwuebuka

Thu, 2016-09-08 00:43 -- Uche Insonet

Iroha Chukwuebuka is one of the rising stars of Diamond Football Academy, He is indeed a reflection of Sergio Ramos having lots of energy, strength, power, conduct and football sense to articulate fast in nano seconds while in the pitch. He has been with Diamond Football Academy since 2012 and has transformed into a player you definitely need to know about. DiamondTV had scheduled an interview with him in view for him to share with us about his life and experiences which will be published in no time.


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