DFA Pre- Season League Report

Thu, 2017-06-01 19:18 -- Uche Insonet

In quest for perfection Coach Chukuemeka Matthew developed a means to test the performance of the boys and prepare them for the better jobs ahead. The Head Coach and Technical Consultant of DFA set to play a pre- season league having done a similar thing last year which was a tournament exclusively for DFA players alone. This league is agreed upon a set of rules which thus, not only on who wins or loses but on how many touches to be played at a given set of space provided. The rules involves the goal keeper not throwing the ball wide outside his box which if faulted will result to a foul and a kick at the spot will be given, three three touches in your own half among others. The league constitutes of four teams given different coaches from the Technical Team as their assigned coaches. Coach Mecha took team Alpha, Coach Obiora took team Beta, Coach Anaya took Team Zepta and Coach Issac took Team Gamma making it Four team league.
In his speech after match day 3 Coach Matthew said in his words " am impressed in the level of commitment shown in the league, the pace, the team spirit but more work needs to be done on the technique involved. Am also concerned about the level of players negative reactions towards officiating which I do want to table to book. Regardless of the officials decision at any given time in play, I urge you boys to be fully aware of the ball and not the officiating officers, bringing me to the point of complaining less while in field of play and do your primary duty which is to play." He did elaborate on that owing to fact that discipline in field of play is important and golden to uphold.



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