Am Not Surprised With Polycarp Amadi Performance - Matthew Chukuemeka

Thu, 2017-08-17 19:30 -- Uche Insonet

Polycarp Amadi Jr. has been outstanding showing so much leadership both in training and during match like situations. His performance is indeed one with no questions having been the captain that took the boys to victory at Iber Cup 2013. In our last match in Enugu against Coal City FC, Amadi Junior  made a huge judgement call that turned the match around for the White Diamonds. He has been playing in several positions switching from Right Back and Center Back positions. Playing from the Center Back against the Coal City FC Enugu made it so impossible for the opponent to drive pass him, being the only player to win 99% of all the balls in the air with so much technique to the fact that he can suspend in the air while waiting for the arrival of the ball, he is just magnificent with the ball in the air.

Matthew Chukuemeka DFA Head Coach and Technical Consultant told Diamond TV that he isn't surprise at all towards Amadi Junior Polycarp's performance and development. He added saying with him in my back line no player can steal the ball in the air from him. He shows so much leadership in the defense line and in the team as a whole. He still repeated that in as much as he shocked the crowd with his supersonic shot outside the box to give us the lead we needed, am still not surprised because Diamond is at the level where we make impossible look so simple and possibe.



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